What No Blogger has ever told you about Alexa Ranking and your Website: You must Learn

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OK ,am back again today to discuss in dept about Alexa ranking so pay attention as you read further.Have you been hearing about Alexa rating? what can you really say about Alexa ranking? and how does it work.? .

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Many new bloggers today are just too confused about the word Alexa ranking. some call it names in all manners while others understood it in a differ manner, but in this article am going to throw more light on Alexa ranking so as to make the new blogger know what it means , the importants and how it use Alexa ranking advantageously.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa is an online tool generally used for checking your website traffic position. If your website Alexa ranking or rating is lower than mine that simply means your website traffic is more than that of my website. below are the main uses of Alexa rating

Alexa crawl your website automatically to gather your monthly data stats and compare it with other websites on the Web then put the most visited websites first till the last website which has lesser traffic.

Here is How Google.com Alexa Rank Looks like been the number one website globally and locally.

Image of How a website Alexa rank looks(Demo)

Uses and Functions of Alexa Ranking

  • This device is one that measures the visitors to a website with the aid of customers so it is very essential to many area owners, shoppers, and webmasters.
  • Alexa Rank Checker is a loose on line tool that is in general used for SEO functions. It allows internet site owners and webmasters to have an idea of the modern-day position of a website at the Alexa ranking device.
  • Alexa Ranking Checker tool returns the Alexa site visitors rank for one or more domains to see how your website traffic compares in your competition’ site visitors.

  • Online tool to test Alexa ratings, site linking, pinnacle keywords, and top visitors counties for any area. The set of rules which Alexa use to calculate visitors ranking is straightforward.

  • Check Alexa ranking in our unfastened Alexa Rank Checker device. The site visitors ranking data are simply similar to the actual- time in the Alexa traffic gadget.

  • Alexa Ranking Checker is one of the most accurate and freely to be had gear to find out how nicely your web site ranks up towards millions of other web sites on the web.

Apart From the above, In a simple language Alexa is also a factor that determine the amount your Advertisers pays for advertising on your website.

a website with a low Alexa ranking shows it has more audience therefore stand a better chance of graining more advertisers and vise versa. So as a website owner it’s nice you work on reducing your Alexa rank to gain more Advertisers worth money. The lower Your Alexa rank the higher Your $$$$

With the above hope you now understand the main uses of Alexa ranking? . Now let me show you further information about Alexa ranking

How to Check Your website alexa Ranking

To check Your Website Alexa rating simply visit the Alexa website and type in your domain name then hit on the search button to get your site details.

Or You can simply use this Link https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/kingsweb.com.ng to check your Alexa ranking directly. from the above link just change the website link “KingsWeb.com.ng” to the domain name you want to find it’s Alexa ranking

And all your site traffic stats and other Alexa properties will show up such as the total links , Organic traffic, similar websites, search keywords , traffic by country visit ,daily page views and time spent on site, upstream sites and others.

If your domain is new or old domain but lack better amount of traffic then your Alexa details may likely show blank.

Why Alexa Ranking Display Blank

The main reason why your Alexa rank is showing blank is as a result of low website traffic.

When your Alexa ranking shows blank details you need not to worry because your website have no problem all you need to do is keep working on your traffic. It’s the amount of page views and time spent on your site that Alexa will use in rating your website after accumulation of the whole monthly or daily visit stats.

To make your Alexa ranking show quickly then work in getting more traffic, to make your Alexa ranking reduce then work in getting more and more traffic.

According to global ranking , Google is the number 1 website according to Alexa. that simply shows that Google is the most visited website in the world as of now

How long Will it Take for Alexa to rank your website

There is no specific time fixed for Alexa to rate your website. It all depends on how quick your website traffic grows.

You can create a website today and get Alexa to start rating it from the next day if you can generate the amount or maximum traffic needed by Alexa to start ranking your website.

Therefore if you must get Alexa to start ranking your website fast then you have to grow your website traffic as quick as you desire.

How to Improve Your Website Alexa Ranking

Are you still finding it difficult to drastically improve your Alexa rating and make your website Alexa ranking tempting to your Advertisers? The below tips will guide you through on how to legally improve your website Alexa ranking in a short period of time all for free when carefully applied as instructed

  • Write Unique Contents:

    This may sound strange and uncommon perhaps you haven’t heard this from any other blogger before now.

    Writing unique contents is a way of improving your website Alexa ranking for many reasons but to mention but few , when you create an epic content your readers will be excited and as such they will spend more time in your website reading your articles.

    This will improve your Alexa rank because Alexa also use the metrics of time spent on your website.

    Creating A+ articles that rank and also satisfy your blog readers is a bit cumbersome but with the help of NeilPatel’s Articles about creating Epic Contents that goes viral you can create a better article that will make your website Alexa rating to drop drastically.

  • Get Quality BackLinks:

    Getting Quality BackLinks is another way of Improving Your Alexa ranking very swiftly.

    According to Google Algorithm Domain Trust and Authority takes some huge space as a Google ranking factor which is represents about 23.87% of Google’s ranking algorithm.”

    Google Ranking Algorithm (Domain trust and authority) Image by Neilpatel

  • Do Keywords Analytics:

    Know where your website visitors are coming from, which keywords drives more traffic to your website focus on those keywords and optimize your articles for them to get more organic page views.

    This is because it has been proven that websites with more organic traffic easily get better Alexa ranking compared to website that generate traffic from other sources.

    Therefore i will say : follow SEO best practice on your blog/website to improve your Alexa ranking

CONCLUSION: to say but little There is no trick to getting a better Alexa ranking for your website than Writing unique contents, and getting more visitors to view your articles therefore work on your website in generating traffic especially from search engine such as Google and see how your Alexa ranking will improve drastically.

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