AI helps diagnose cervical cancer

AI helps diagnose cervical cancer

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Microsoft and SRL Ready-to-use Diagnostic Technology Researchers use an AI tool to fight cervical cancer

Cancer detection using machine learning technologies may be more than appropriate in some cases and may be the key to diagnosis. Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have developed an AI tool to help detect cervical cancer, making it easier for doctors in India and other countries, where the huge number of patients per doctor is a big problem.

Microsoft’s research team has trained the neural network to recognize cancer signs based on thousands of recorded cytoplasmic images to help AI identify anomalies that require closer examination. Then, physicians need to review only identified problematic tests to confirm the validity of the precondition or the presence of cancer.

The artificial intelligence platform is now ready for internal deployment in SRL diagnostics. Although not yet widely used, the technology is significantly better than other AI-based cancer diagnosis methods, which usually only exist as experiments.

Scientists hope that this diagnostic method will find the fastest and most widespread use in India. Approximately 67,000 women die from cervical cancer in the country each year – more than a quarter of deaths worldwide caused by the disease. At the same time, India has a limited number of doctors who can perform PAP tests and help women fight the disease.

SRL diagnostics alone perform 100,000 PAP tests a year, with 98% being healthy. AI will allow doctors to focus only on the remaining 2% of problematic patterns to help women begin treatment on time.

AI helps diagnose cervical cancer

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