After Huawei’s ban: The commercial war involves the world

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After Huawei’s ban: The commercial war involves the world

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Huawei is “cracking down the cakes” in a process that goes into global conflict – a trade war between the US and China will not be just between them A week ahead will leave a huge mark in trade – especially in technology.

US and China have entered a new phase after the ban on using Huawei’s technology equipment to build telecommunications networks. It inevitably includes all other countries around the world. The United States will stop intelligence co-operation with other countries if they use Huawei technology.

The leaving week will leave a huge mark in world history – particularly technology. US President Donald Trump has signed a ban on using a particular type of overseas telecommunications equipment. He declared a “national emergency” and gave the ministry a 150-day deadline for adopting rules that would banned US companies from using the equipment produced by “foreign opponents”.

Although the Upright Administration denies that this ban is targeted at a specific country or business, everyone is aware that Huawei, the largest provider of network telecommunications equipment, is targeting the Chinese technology sector as a whole.

Only the ministry of trade has said Huawei adds its “Special List”, which means that it stops buying components that the company has produced from US companies without the explicit approval of the government. There is no spy No one can answer the question of whether real espionage is really when Huawei is deploying equipment in telecommunications systems around the world.

The company itself is clear that it will never spy on its customers. And what else could he say at that moment? Spying probably will not. The problem is that the company will not be able to deny it if the Chinese government demands it to secure espionage. That’s the opinion of security experts. Their worries can have their reasons.

China is known for its unusual model of support to private companies, where the state provides protection and firm subsidies to puncture Chinese products and conquer. A similar example in recent years is subsidizing the production of photovoltaic cells in China, which is why Chinese solar panels literally flooded the world.

Europe has reacted by imposing trade fees, but it did not prevent Chinese production from taking over all markets. Global War Huawei is just “cracking down the cake” in a process that obviously goes into a global trade conflict. The trade war between the US and China will not remain between the two countries.

The US has increased pressure on countries with different relationships that require banning the use of Huawei equipment in its future 5G networks. As early as February, the US Secretary of State announced that the US would cease to share intelligence with partner countries if it deals with the equipment of a Chinese telecommunications manufacturer.

“If the country uses this equipment in its critical information systems, we will not be able to share information with them, we will not be able to work with them,” said Pompeo. “In some cases there is a risk – we will not even be able to allocate US resources, have an American embassy,” he added.

At that time, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany and other countries signaled they did not have such problems as the United States and were willing to continue to use Huawei’s technology to prepare such a long 5G network.

Now that the US has officially banned the use of this type of equipment in telecommunications networks in the country, the pressure on other countries will become even bigger. Indeed, the United States has a fairly rich practice in applying its national laws and interests on the map of the world.

Although, in theory, the United States law applies only in the United States, the country places it on a large part of the world. A symbolic example of this is a trade embargo on Cuba, launched in 1962 and sharpened in the 1990s. In order to “punish” Fidel Castro’s administration, the United States has announced an abolition of trade relations with all countries that have trade relations with Cuba. Concerns in Europe At first glance, Europe has reason to be more relaxed.

However, there are two of the three largest telecoms equipment manufacturers of the fifth generation – the Swedish Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia. The British are, however, very concerned. Brokerage brokers gave clear indications that they would hope for a “better trading relationship with China” after the release of Britain from the European Union.

Huawei is now very concerned about his planned exit from the union. In other countries it is no longer relaxed. China, Russia and the US “again and again pressed us to find common ground,” Chancellor Angela Merkel recently told the media. “This is usually difficult, given that we have different interests.”

After Huawei’s ban: The commercial war involves the world

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