How to Advertise on Google in Nigeria: AdWords Steps with Screenshots

Are you an internet marketer in Nigeria? Are you business man, Are you a blogger, Do you have anything to advertise and get it noticed by the public? Then you should be searching for how to advertise on Google in Nigeria knowing well that google is the best and affordable advertising platform that can get you exactly what you need.

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There’s no doubt there are many advertising platforms in Nigeria but advertisers like the ones that will always give them best services and among them Google AdWords remains the best.

Why you need to Advertise on Google AdWords In Nigeria

Even after getting a reliable answer on “how to advertise on Google in Nigeria” ,You still need to preview some of these very few reasons why you need to advertise on Google AdWords.

  • Best SEO alternative:

    If you’ve got a new blog without much Authority to rank on Google front page, running AdWords adverts will equally make your site comes to googles front page where potential buyers can easily locate your business.

    With Google AdWords, you don’t have to wait for some months for your articles to get crawled. they comes to front page immediately after approving your ads by Google.. Every view you get from your advertisements will be recorded as SEO traffic since the traffic comes from Google. This is why we say ” AdWords is a paid alternative to SEO(search engine optimization).

  • Easy capture of potential Customers

    Google AdWords allows you to target the group of persons you wish and your ads will be delivered to them alone instead of making it random.

    Let’s say you wanna sell Infinix Mobile phones, with Google AdWords, you can target those who wanna buy such mobile phones with your keywords e.g (How much is infinix mobile in Nigeria, Where to buy infinix in Nigeria,Buy infinix mobile phone online etc) now each time those who wanna buy search with this keywords or related terms, google will show up your site.

    With this you will reach your potential customers without wasting funds on irrelevant adverts that won’t convert. With Google AdWords, you only pay for the results you get.

  • It’s affordable and within your Budgets

    You don’t need millions to advertise on google. With any amount , you can start advertisement using google AdWords in Nigeria.

    Google AdWords allows you to fix your price based on your budget. How much have you got? How much do you wanna spend? you know this within yourself and you can fix your price based on your budget.

    Spend little get little result: Spend big get big result (that’s just it).

  • Easy tracking and analytics

    Google AdWords allows you to track your advertisement success right from your mobile device.

    Have you gotten some clicks? Where have cometh the clicks, From which keywords, And other reports to track how successful your ads are running.

    the AdWords dashboard contains everything you need to control and manage your Campaigns.

Pros and Cons You must know about Google AdWords

Let me share with you some very few things you may want to know about Google AdWords before moving to the tutorial with screenshots on how to advertise on Google in Nigeria

  • The interface is really complex, and it can be a serious burden for a beginner. It becomes easy as soon as you’ve learnt.
  • AdWords certification is one of the most complex and professional digital marketing programs available today.
  • Setting up adverts on Google AdWords is not as easy as many people describe it when you’re a beginner in Nigeria
  • Advertising budget can be burnt easily without getting a single result.
    Depending on your industry, CPC may be as high as $100 per click.
  • Provided you have funds in your account, you can create as many ads as possible.
  • When you advertise on Google AdWords, you have the option to show your ads on YouTube, Google search, Google play store, Gmail, maps and AdSense enabled websites.

Now let me show you how to advertise on Google in Nigeria but before then see how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria.

how to pay for google adwords in nigeria

We cannot continue to the steps to run advertisements on google AdWords in Nigeria without knowing how to pay.

Making Payment to AdWords is the major reason why many Nigerian can’t advertise on google today because of currency difference and Card rejection. Your cards are always declined each time you try to make payment to google AdWords in Nigeria and as a result, you are unable to start advertisement on google even when you know the importance.

GTB Naira master or VISA Cardwith some other Nigeria bank card has been confirmed to be working with online transactions such as running Facebook ads, and AdWords but if your card is rejected let me show you how to make your own card for every online transactions before we continue.

With the below steps, you will Learn how to make a virtual Master or VISA credit Card for making transactions online. With this cards you can pay all foreign online stores without card issues.

How to Create Visa or Master Card for Google AdWords payment

Download and install Getbarter(You can download that from Google playstore), You can access the official website from but i will be going with the app for some reasons i stated here during my Getbarter Review.

After launching your Getbarter app you will see this on your screen.

Create a new account if you are new and login to your account. From your account dashboard click on Wallet and Fund your wallet with at least $10 to enable you Create new Card.

After that Click on Cards, and Select the option to Add new Card

You will see the popup asking you which type of card you need.

You can select VISA or Master Card. After that, enter your name and the amount you want to fund in your Card

your card will be created while the money will be deducted from your wallet to your card. Now your card is ready. you can start transactions.

Click on the Card, and it will show you the backside which includes your Cvv number.

how to advertise on Google in Nigeria

Having created your Card, to start advertisement on google AdWords simply click on the AdWords signup link here Wait for your page to load click on the continue or Got it button and you will be redirected to login your gmail account. (Create one if you don’t have any).

Now after login, you will be taken to Google AdWords Homepage. From the dashboard the first thing is to set your payment details.

Click on the Setting icon(Spanner like image) at the top of your Dashboard. And you will see a drop menu. From the drop menu select SETUP and a new drop menu will showup Click on Billing & payment

From the next page you will have to fill in your payment details

In the area of your card details, Fill in the Card details of on your Getbarter Account (the one you created earlier) and save your payment details. Having done that, the next thing is to create new campaign

How to Create your First Campaign with Google AdWords

Having filled in your payment details, Click on Campaigns from your Dashboard and you will see no Data because you haven’t created any ads yet.

Click on the Plus sign(+) and you will see a new drop menu.

Select the first option(Create new Campaign) Do your campaign settings, Select Group and Create your Google Ads.

With the above three steps, your Ads will be ready: I will advice you keep close eye on your screen. The instructions are clearly stated as we can’t write everything here. Am sure you can complete the setup from here.

Having created your AdWords ads, You will have to wait for the ads to be reviewed: If your ads are been approved, they will send you email message that your Ads has been approved.

Your analytics will show in your Dashboards but i will recommend you download the Google AdWords app from Playstore for better experience and easy access to your Dashboard.

Wrapping Up: how to advertise on Google in Nigeria

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