AdSense Not Getting clicks : Problems and solutions

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We learnt earlier that getting Google AdSense approval could be very difficult because of their too many policies. But after facing all it takes to get AdSense approved, some bloggers still complain of AdSense not getting clicks as desired.

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The worse thing that will ever happen to you as an AdSense publisher is having AdSense embedded on your website without getting clicks.

No matter the amount of traffic generate and the content quality, without getting unique clicks to your AdSense ads , earning will always remain stagnant.

Having you been facing this issue of AdSense not getting clicks on your blog even when you offer quality contents?. It’s said “Before you solve any problem, you must first of all figure out the cause of the problem”

In this article, i shall be writing some causes of AdSense not getting clicks and possible ways to resolve or fix them based on my experience overtime with Google AdSense.

AdSense not getting clicks Causes and Solutions

  • Targeting a Different Audience:

    Lets say you created a niche blog based on health tips and your AdSense ads is displaying Sport Gadgets.

    People who visit your blog are much concerned about health so when they see sport related Ads, they won’t click on your Ads.

    Though AdSense have a way of picking and displaying niche related Ads when you create contents regularly based on your niche.

    But if your Blog happens to be displaying differ Ads types that are not relevant to your targeted audience, you can make adjustment to that.


    Going to your AdSense Ads Settings: And changing your Ads targeting to a more desirable one. after which your ads will start serving ads relevant to your blog audience.

  • Low Website Traffic:

    I don’t even expect you to be reading this page if you are not getting good amount of traffic to your website yet.

    How can you place AdSense ads on your one month old blog and you’re expecting $20 above daily. that can’t possibly happen since there is no AdSense magic.

    One mistake new bloggers do make is placing Ads on undeveloped blogs. Anyway , that’s not a crime but even when you do so , don’t expect high earning at the initial stage.

    Stop complaining of your AdSense adsense not getting clicks when you hardly get 300 pageviews in a day.

    To increase your AdSense clicks, Start creating relevant niche related articles that will drive organic traffic to your blog.

    Optimize your blog posts to be search engine friendly and also start using other methods aside SEO to drive traffic to your blog.

    Work on your blog traffic and you will notice great changes in your AdSense clicks through rate.

  • Your Ads Placement is Wrong:

    To get more clicks to your AdSense ads, you should also learn to place ads in more noticeable areas of your blog.

    Ads placed below the fold sections of your site don’t usually convert because when your readers Begin to scroll down your site, they already loosed engagement.

    To get more clicks, Place your Ads inside your articles, before and after your articles.

    With my personal experience, i have found out that ads placed in the middle of your blog posts converts more.

    AdSense ads on sidebars don’t usually do well.

    You can do your testing to see which position gets more clicks on your site. You can start by placing ads on every position and changing them every week or monthly. then you can structure out your best position after your testing….

    Wrong AdSense placement can deprive clicks: Don’t place ads on areas were people cannot easily notice them.

  • Too Many Ads placement:

    It’s not a new thing that newbies always get excited over new AdSense ads approval. This same excitement made many of them to litter their blogs with ads whereby harming their readers experience.

    Too many ads on your blog will not even give your readers the comfort to stay on your blog let alone clicking on your ads.

    It’s not the too many ads on your blog that makes you get more clicks. Write what your audience wants to read. Get traffic to your blog. Place your ads strategically and the clicks will surely come.

  • Yet another factor i called Tech problem we know ourselves

    Personally, when i visit other blogs, i can easily identify AdSense ads from ordinary blog contents because am a blogger as well.

    If your blog is targeting bloggers, especially the pro bloggers , you’re not expected to be getting clicks like other niches such as entertainment niche.

    Some of the bloggers or Tech Gurus who visits your blog even make use of AddBlocks on their browsers to make things worse. as such they won’t even see your ads let alone they click on them.

    If you target such niche, you should not expect the same click through rate compared to other blogging niches.

  • Multi-Niche Blogging

    the muti-Niche bloggers usually target many subject area leading to too many keywords targeting on the same blog.

    Google AdSense works with keywords on your blog to display ads based on them. When you Target too many keywords, your ads might end up displaying more irrelevant Ads to your audience which might not interest them.

    Knowing the fact they can’t click your ads without finding interest in them , you will end up getting less clicks even with high traffic.

    To avoid this, Focus your blog on one particular niche and target keywords around that niche alone.

  • Not Mobile Friendly:

    Most of the readers who read from your blog uses mobile devices.

    Now if you place your Ads on PC mode only, how can you get clicks to them when computer users rarely come.

    Make your AdSense ads mobile friendly by placing them in the best positions were mobile users can easily notice them.

    Ads that are placed for PC users don’t usually get clicks compared to the ones placed for mobile readers

Is Your AdSense not getting clicks

Follow the procedures listed above: Write unique articles on your blog. Drive more traffic to your blog.

The more traffic you get, the higher your chances of getting clicks increases. always work on your website traffic as you fix any related issue tempered with from the this inscription.

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    Thanks for this advise. I have been able to get approved

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