Solution To AdSense Insufficient Contents Problem

With this article, i want to help you find the solution to Google AdSense insufficient Contents problem but before then let’s tell some stories.

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My junior Sister was so stubborn, so we have to quarrel almost every day while she as well receive some hot beats from me even though am not that harsh.

A day came, After beating her mercilessly she promised me that i will regret what i did to her even if it takes time. She was my sister so i needed not to be afraid instead i laughed it away in a mockery way.

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After about one month interval i already forgot what i did to her even before then. So i asked her to help me iron my best cloths that i wanted to go out for chasing….(Guys will understand better). She did just as i have instructed.


It was already late based on my schedule so i quickly took my bath and out of hurry, i put on my cloths but this time around no usual mirror spy because i was already late.

Getting there she was already waiting for me well dressed with her pretty smiling face . She looks so cute. I saw two other cuties with her so i ask “who are they?” and she replied “they are my friends”

While the two cuties where at the back i and my own cutie led the treck. After few minutes of strolling i smell some mockery laughs from the two ladies at the back. I looked at them and they concord. This happened repeatedly until i found out that my shirt had been burnt somewhere at the backside (The work of hot iron)

I was so so ashamed of myself and out of shame i went to the nearest shop for a new shirt with the explanation “my junior sister did it”.

I was able to solve this problem and save myself from public notice even though i have been noticed by just three. I was happy because it was just three persons at the other hand grief filled my heart….(all this where the plans of my sister , now her initial promise has been accomplished)

Don’t border to ask what i did to my sister when i got home because you won’t like to hear this ugly part of the story. You might end up calling me a wizard.


Without knowing the Cause to every problem you can never solve the problem. I was able to solve my problem at the initial stage because i discovered the the problem and i found a solution to it.

Don’t be annoyed i have to tell you little story. Am not beating around the bush, You just have to learn and derive some experience from things done in the past in comparism to the recent instance. Without time waste let’s go to the days business.

Have you been applying for Google AdSense for sometimes now and you keep getting insufficient contents replies from Google as a reason for disapproving your AdSense application? This once happened to me when i newly started blogging. Read my story.

Google AdSense Insufficient Content Problem

When i first created my tutorial blog back in 2015 I had of Google AdSense as a better means of monetization so i gat to apply but then i was having just 14-16 articles.

I applied with the domain name and got the reply for my disapproval that i had insufficient contents so i should i create more contents to fill my pages just like they have been telling you.

I Created more articles and made them up to 20-30 articles then i reapplied. Yet again i got the same disapproval message that i had insufficient contents.

I have to wait till i got about 100 articles and then applied again and yet i still got the same insufficient contents disapproval message from AdSense.

I made up my posts to 200 above and yet again i still got the same message so i was annoyed most of all because i do read people’s testimonies of how they got approved with less than 10-artices so why must i still get unapproved with above 200 articles ..this was a problem i couldn’t find a solution to so i went ahead to use other monetisation means.

After one whole year of blogging at my tutorial blog i got a new idea on a differ blogging niche. so i needed to set up a new niche blog and this time around i still have the intension of using AdSense for monetisation.

I was afraid if i would be approved or not and at the same time i had the confidence that even if i got rejected by AdSense i will have to buy one.

I set up my new niche blog and updated it with 11 unique articles so i gat to give AdSense a try after 2weeks of buying the domain+Hosting.

After applying i got approved in less than 24hrs with my new domain name and just 11 unique articles.

I learnt a new lesson after the approval message that my blog has been connected to AdSense. The lesson was ( I understood what it now means by insufficient contents)

Ever since then, in any new blog i create i got approved easily without facing any fucking AdSense insufficient contents problem(keep Reading)

AdSense Insufficient Contents Problem and Solution

From MY own experience with Google AdSense insufficient contents problem i was able to discover the cause of the problem and after that i made a solution to it because i found the cause.

Just like as i have said earlier ” You cannot solve a problem without knowing the cause of the problem”.

Whenever you face AdSense insufficient contents Problem: It means that you don’t have enough content on your blog.

It doesn’t mean you should create more articles because AdSense interpretation is far different from what many bloggers took it to be.

Creating more articles is not the solution to AdSense insufficient contents problem. It means that Your articles contain very few texts which does not meet up with the Google approval standard.

A blog with 10 articles and having each article contained with about 2,000 words is seen to have more contents than a blog with 20 articles and having each article contained with 400 Words according to AdSense

What You Have to Do When Facing AdSense insufficient content Problem

Start Editing Your Articles one after that other and add more informations to the already written articles.

If Your blog articles were having less than 400words each, make indept research about each article to gather more information then rewrite those articles to have more value for your readers and also to get approved by AdSense.

My 11 unique articles which i got AdSense with were having not less than 1000words per article.

There are some many blogging Niches that you may not have to write indept articles before arriving at the conclusion. E.g if you should write about how to Subscribe to Airtel data” You will hardly get 400 words before arriving at the conclusion.

If perhaps you have the vision to set up your blog on such niches you have just two alternatives to get AdSense approval if not you may end up facing the AdSense insufficient contents problem.

  • Create Some in dept articles like 10,15(they might not be so much related to your niche) After getting approved by AdSense with those articles you can then go on with your short but descriptive articles based on your niche.
  • Buy Google AdSense online: You can purchase already approved Google AdSense from sellers online. If you have bloggers as your Facebook friends just post on your timeline that you want to buy Google AdSense i believe you will see many sellers with differ prices

But instead of Buying Google AdSense why not use the money to create articles on your blog. in doing this you will not only get approved AdSense account with the articles but you will also get high ranking on Google with the unique indept articles.

Use that money you supposed to use in Buying AdSense to create great articles on your blog if you think you don’t have time to write or you can’t possibly write long articles.

Don’t worry about who will write for you, I can help you do that. You can hire me to write for you on any blogging niche for just 1000Naira/article. (One Thousand Naira for each Article) Article will contain not less than 1000words and it will be created based on SEO standard.

CONCLUSION: You have learnt a new lesson today on the solution to Google AdSense insufficient Contents problem. I hope this article helped you? If this article passed a good message to you this day while not comment, Subscribe and share this article to reach more people who are also in need of it.

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