Acronis opens its platform for external developers

Acronis opens its platform for external developers

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Acronis builds a large ecosystem around Acronis Cyber ​​platform. Acronis’s cyber security company has announced that it opens its core platforms for external developers. The Acronis Cyber ​​platform approach will boost the platform’s functionality and application integration.

The Acronis Cyber ​​platform, which is the basis of existing business services, includes a number of APIs that support SDKs and code samples. Acronis opens a platform with a new open API and provides access that was previously available only to select partners such as ConnectWise, Microsoft, and Google.

Now developers can create new data sources, data locations, and data management features as well as integrate Acronis into their capabilities, systems, and markets. Independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers, service providers, distributors, and customers can generate new revenue and solve a larger number of cases.

Currently, Acronis serves a community of 50,000 partners, 500,000 companies and 5,000,000 end-users, announced a company that runs the development center in Bulgaria. Acronis Cyber ​​Platform is the core of existing company services.

In October, at Acronis Cyber ​​Summit in the US, the company will release its new Acronis Total Protect product, which unites in one solution of backup, cybernetic security and system management.

At the same time, Acronis also changes its brand of products to reflect the growth potential of the company’s cyber security and its ecosystem. Acronis’s platform for cloud data provider becomes Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud, and Acronis’s infrastructure defined by the software is now called Acronis Cyber ​​Infrastructure.

Acronis Cyber ​​Platform is currently in the early stages of access. During this period, support for developers is available. Comprehensive access, formal training and certification for the Acronis Cyber ​​platform will be available at the Acronis Global Cyber ​​Summit 2019 in Miami, Florida on October 13th and 16th this year.

Acronis opens its platform for external developers

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