A Windows 10 error "hides" external devices

A Windows 10 error “hides” external devices

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Microsoft has confirmed that a new Windows 10 error could prevent the detection of devices connected to the computer through the Thunderbolt dock, according to a message on the company’s technical support site.

The problem affects almost all versions of Windows 10 and occurs on systems with fast startup enabled. The company says this specific bug only appears in 5% of cases and can be corrected by restarting the computer.

On its website, Microsoft lists steps that can trigger an error and shut down external devices, such as keyboards and mice, even if they appear in Device Manager. Unfortunately, reconnecting the Thunderbolt does not solve the problem, so a restart is required.

Thunderbolt is a little popular on computers running Windows 10. Even Microsoft’s own Surface line does not have a Thunderbolt interface, so this bug won’t affect many users. Microsoft is expected to release a solution soon.

A Windows 10 error “hides” external devices

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