A unique robotic exhibition at the exhibition in Sofia

A unique robotic exhibition at the exhibition in Sofia

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Industrial YuMi brings us closer to the future of the factory YuMi is designed to show that people and robots work together. The first robot in the world for collaboration is one of the MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2019 exhibitions today at Inter Expo Center in Sofi (IEC).

YuMi was created by ABB to show how co-operation between humans and robots seems to be. Combining the unique ability of people to adapt to changes and tireless robust endurance to perform precise, recurring tasks, it is possible to automate the process of assembling many types of products along the same line. IRB 120 and IRB 1200 companies are small and fast robots for every production.

Designed for flexible handling of material, compact size, short cycles and easy to use. The design allows you to mount virtually anywhere, at any angle, without any limitations – in a cage, on a machine or in the vicinity of other robots.

To be effective, robots must be able to move quickly, making them potentially dangerous for people working near them. In the past, fences or cells were used to isolate machinery from people to protect people from injury. But the “plant of the future” is smarter. ABB also displays SafeMove2 – a security and security solution that makes robot movement exactly limited to the range required for a particular operation.

The Future Factory May Be Closer to Many Thinking (ABB) By connecting robots with ABB platforms, users get sophisticated services with up to 25% less incidents and 60% faster response times, as well as a recovery problem, the company said.

“If we do it throughout the business cycle, we will have a digital manufacturing industry that will be able to predict damage, control productivity, and provide value to all stakeholders,” said Marcel van der Hook, ABB’s chief executive officer for Bulgaria.

A unique robotic exhibition at the exhibition in Sofia

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