A smart phone network works without an operator

A smart phone network works without an operator

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Volk Fi promises free calls, SMS and data transfer Volk One will work without an operator’s agent. The first ever Volk One smartphone in the world makes money with early booking. Developers promise that the devices will begin delivering in December this year.

Volk One smartphones, along with the routers offered for wireless chargers, form a distributed Volk Fi network. Routers are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables, and smartphones connect to the router.

Even if there is no router, Volk One can find a similar smartphone and transfer data through it. Therefore, when there is enough space for a large number of Volk One users, they create a proprietary data transmission network that works independently of Internet and telecom operators by providing a free service.

Volk One smartphones can record a signal from a router or other smartphone of the same type within a few miles of new radio equipment, the programmers note. One of the key benefits of such a network is that users will not pay for communication services.

Voice calls and SMS messages will be completely free of charge. As far as data is concerned, users can use the same amount of data they have uploaded using their smartphone to other network users and another 5 gigabytes. When this limit is reached, the traffic will be charged at $ 1 per gigabyte.

Volk One smartphones can create an independent distributed network. Volk Fi network works without a SIM card, but a smart card can set up a smartphone to a telecommunications operator. Regardless of whether the card is or not, Volk One will always first address the distributed network.

According to the authors of the project, Volk Fi is safe, available to any non-censorable network. In addition, unlike regular mobile networks leaping when the number of users increases, Volk Fi starts working faster so that new devices are plugged in. It is also possible to make calls and messages to other networks.

However, ordering a smartphone is a little complicated because a normal network distribution needs a certain user density in a particular area. That is why Volk One orders a call to the social network or via email from users who have already joined the project.

Currently, Volk One internet access is maintained only in North and South America, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Voice calls and SMS on other networks are possible in the US, Canada and Mexico, but developers promise to expand the number of countries.

Number portability is supported only in the United States, and the smartphone itself is worth $ 394 or $ 494 depending on the amount of memory.

A smart phone network works without an operator

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