A smart home will be a common occurrence in 10 years

A smart home will be a common occurrence in 10 years

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People are expected to have virtual assistants and robots. Remote control and voice control capabilities are expected from home appliances.

About 75% of people plan to install intelligent devices in their homes by 2030, according to CITE Research study, aged 18 to 44, conducted together with French company Dassault Systemes, a product development and product lifecycle management product development (PLM) provider.

People expect household appliances and electronics to gain remote control and voice control capabilities. 70% of respondents hopes to use fully integrated systems that combine all smart home appliances.

Half of the respondents intend to get virtual assistants or robots. This does not only apply to robotic vacuum cleaners but also to artificial intelligence devices, which are widespread in 40% of respondents.

According to the survey, auto-tuning areas – such as furniture that change its size and configuration – will be used less frequently than other home innovations. 61% of respondents believe that such solutions will not be widespread until 2030.

A smart home will be a common occurrence in 10 years

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