A New Hit Against Huawei: Remnants Without Google Services

A New Hit Against Huawei: Remnants Without Google Services

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The Internet company ceases its work no. 2 on smartphones The American ring around Huawei is tightening. Will the Chinese company stand up? The trade war between the US and China escalated every day.

Google terminates Huawei’s co-operation after Donald Trump’s government has earlier brought the Chinese manufacturer into a blacklist of entity lists.

As a result of this step in the Internet giant, Huawei may lose the opportunity to fully utilize Android and Google services in their smartphones, Reuters reported, citing sources of a well-known situation.

If the conflict develops in a similar scenario, Huawei will have to discard the use of Google products, other than those licensed as open source software. That means Huawei will lose access to Android OS updates, and future phones outside China will not be able to use Google’s popular apps and services in the Play Store and Gmail app store.

According to Reuters sources, Huawei’s ability to use one or the other service is still being discussed in Google. Huawei’s representatives also investigate the impact of operations by the US Department of Commerce, a representative of a Chinese company said on Friday.

Huawei is currently abstaining from detailed commentary on the situation. There are still no official comments from the US Department of Commerce. However, Huawei will be able to use the version of Android available for licensing as an open source software.

The operating system itself is available to anyone who wants to use it. But the danger for Huawei is that Google stops technical support and development cooperation, and – more importantly for end users – that Huawei disclaims the use of its services.

With no Google services, smartphones with Android are incomplete devices.

A New Hit Against Huawei: Remnants Without Google Services

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