A new global satellite Internet project

A new global satellite Internet project

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The Kuiper fleet will include 3236 spacecraft Satellite Internet is in the plans of the largest technology companies. The interest of leading global hi-tech companies on the Internet service market is growing. Gigant online marketing Amazon plans to build its own satellite network that will serve consumers in remote areas.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has filed three applications for RFID and Orbit ITU for Kuiper Systems LLC, owned by the Amazon, GeekWire reported. According to the documents, the system will have 3236 satellites located in different orbits.

The 784 satellites will be in high orbit at 590 km and 1296 at 610 km, while the remaining 1156 will be landed 630 km above the Earth. Amazons’ representatives confirm that Kuiper is a project company whose goal is to provide access to a wider network of tens of millions of users in areas with insufficiently developed Internet infrastructure.

Project implementation deadlines have not yet been published. Kuiper will rank on a list of many other satellite access systems. Companies such as Facebook, SpaceX and OneWeb also work on similar projects, and Google is developing a Loon project with balloons.

A new global satellite Internet project

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