A new $ 19m worth of data center was opened in Sofia

A new $ 19m worth of data center was opened in Sofia

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Top experts Trio builds another Equinix city in the capital city SO2 Center has been built to the highest standards for such facilities at the global level. Another data center and interconnection equipped with state-of-the-art technology equipment in this area has opened Equinix in Sofia.

The investment in the center, called SO2, amounts to $ 19 million. SO2 has been designed by three leading experts in the field of data processing, collocation and interconnection: Zdravko Nikolov, Stefan Stefanov and Vladislav Yankov, who are well known in the Bulgarian telecommunication industry.

Three have created and developed the first Equinix data center in Sofia, originally known as 3DC, and later purchased by Telecity Group, which was purchased by Equinix. The first SO1 center is fully utilized. The SO2 Center is built to the highest standards for this type of drive and is of the world class, said Chalzz Meyers, chairman and CEO of Equinix.

Reliability is one of the most important features of the center – its work is guaranteed 99.9999% of the time. This means no more than half a minute pause per year, but practice shows that SO1 has so far not cut off nearly ten years of work. A high level of security provides five levels of access for those who enter the building, according to the company.

The SO2 investment amounts to $ 19 million. The SO1 and SO2 will be fully integrated and will be part of the overall network of Equinix connectivity, which has more than 200 locations around the world. The network of centers is expected to become a back-up architecture for future digitized companies around the world that are increasingly abstaining from maintaining their own data centers and seeking such a solution in the form of external services.

According to Openheimer’s analysis, only 20% of data center loads are currently in the cloud, but 80% of new workflows are specifically designed for cloud computing. In a survey of 451 surveys, 90% of the surveyed companies said they expect to use a more cloudy IT environment.

A new $ 19m worth of data center was opened in Sofia

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