A huge amount of data leaked from the coastal bank

A huge amount of data leaked from the coastal bank

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Hackers gain access to 3.8 thousand companies and personal accounts. New data sheds light on international banking.

Hackers broke into the offshore bank of Cayman National Bank located on the Isle of Man and stole more than 2.2 terabytes of classified information. The incident reported by Motherboard was confirmed by the bank.

The Isle of Man is located between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The bank confirms the data leak and confirms that it is already investigating the case.

Meanwhile, the Distributed Denial of Secrets site, run by journalist Emma Best, has begun publishing copies of documents and bank correspondence. A total of 640,000 Cayman National emails were published.

Leakage was defined as “the most complete view of international banking that has ever been made available to the public.” The information is interesting given the reputation of the bank used for money laundering by various individuals and entities.

The given set of data is called Sherwood. It contains information on 3.8 thousand companies, commissions and personal accounts managed by Cayman National Bank, including balance sheet data. In terms of scale, the leak is already being compared to the well-known Panama Archives.

A huge amount of data leaked from the coastal bank

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