7 useful things that can be done by password managers

7 useful things that can be done by password managers

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Password Managers are an important tool for keeping you in your digital arsenal. They have become extremely popular because they are easy to use and very useful – manage your long passwords so you do not have to remember them. But password managers can do much more for you than that.

From Make Make Of reveals 7 helpful, but little-used password management tools. These features are not available for any password manager, but most services like LastPass offer them.

1. Store notes

Password managers can be used as secure, with a full note selected. Notes can be categorized, tagged, searched, and even shared with others, regardless of whether they use the same password manager. Most of them also allow you to import and export these files if you plan to change your password manager. You also have password protection options for individual notes.

2. Save files

Some password managers can also attach documents and images to your notes. The data you download is encrypted, as well as the notes themselves and can be accessed by mobile or desktop users. Attachments may also contain descriptions, and you can separate them into special folders or categories as business cards. However, storage space is paid. For example, the free LastPass plan has a limit of 50 MB.

3. Automatically fill out forms

One of the most disrespected utilities offered by most password managers is the form of filling profiles. Thanks to them, you avoid the tiring charging of online forms.

To do this, you need to enter your general information in your password manager, and this information will be used to automatically fill out the forms you encounter while browsing the web. Forms for filling in forms are generally available for desktop and mobile devices and are usually located in the navigation bar.

4. Surf on the web

Many of the mobile password management applications have a built-in security browser for safer internet browsing. These browsers are usually integrated with the AutoFill component. This means you do not have to worry about entering credentials or filling out forms while using them. In addition, they have all the standard utilities you expect from a modern browser, including more tabbed support, the ability to declare a desktop version of a website, bookmarks, and more.

5. Generate random passwords

We should constantly invent complicated passwords to ensure the security of our personal information. Your password manager can perform this difficult task for you. Some services like LastPass even have the ability to generate passwords that can be spoken. In addition, you can adjust their length, specify which type of characters is allowed, and set other filters.

6. Diagnose your security

Password Managers can also diagnose your security by checking how secure your passwords are. Several factors are checked, such as the frequency of using the same password, the length of the password, the last update, and so on.

Once the scan is complete, the result will help you find out which bills you need to pay little attention to.

7. Set up contacts in case of emergency

Emergency contacts can also be configured with your password manager. This allows you to offer access to a friend or family member in the event of an emergency. These people, of course, will not be able to apply at any time.

When asked for access to an emergency contact, you will be alerted. If you do not reject the request, your credentials are shared and the contact will be able to see all your saved passwords.

7 useful things that can be done by password managers

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