7 useful Android features worth a try

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7 useful Android features worth a try

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People love Android because the platform is extremely intuitive. Most of its most important features are easily accessible and clearly identifiable. But there are some useful features that are hidden or not clearly explained.

The Android government has compiled some of the best Android features you may have missed. These tips are based on Android Pie and may not be available in other versions of Android.

1. Quick Setup Buttons

The Quick Settings buttons provide a convenient way to set up some Android features. These icons are at the top of the phone. Touch and hold certain icons and you will be taken to their special settings page. It’s a quick way to access a setting when you want to do more than just turn the feature on or off.

2. Copy text into the menu

This feature is only available on Android Pie and on some devices, at least for now. When viewing text applications in the Recent Apps menu, you can bookmark and copy text without opening the application itself. This is useful and saves time when copying or sharing content.

3. Shortcuts to your applications

Touch and hold the app icon on a device running Android Nougat or higher, and if the app supports it, different shortcuts will appear in the bubble. It’s a smart feature that allows users to effectively teleport to certain parts of the application without wasting time. Touching and holding the application shortcuts will turn one of them into a shortcut.

For example, touch and hold on WhatsApp and a list of shortcuts will appear, including recent contacts. Touch and hold one of these contacts and you can set it up on the home screen for even faster access to that contact.

4. Fast-forward to the last two applications you’ve used

This feature has existed since Android Nougat, but it is one that is easily forgotten. Double tapping the latest application button will take you back to the previous application, which means you can quickly switch between the two latest applications without opening a special menu.

5. Track recognition

Android phones have a widget called “Sound Search” that acts as a shortcut to Google Assistant’s “What is this song”. This allows your smartphone to recognize the music you hear from your TV, radio or something else.

Tap and hold an empty space on the home screen, tap widgets, tap the sound search widget.

6. Post a message on the lock screen

This is a feature that many people are aware of but sometimes miss out on. And it can be very useful if you lose your phone. For example, you can type your email address as a message on the lock screen and if anyone finds it, all they have to do is tell you by email that they have found your phone.

The message setting to go to your lock screen is in the Home screen and wallpaper menu.

7. Hide the contents of the lock screen notifications

Notifications that appear on the lock screen may contain sensitive information that you do not want others to see. Enter the notification menu settings on your phone. There you will find an option to completely disable these notifications, but there is also an option to hide their “show but hide” content.

7 useful Android features worth a try

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