7 annoying problems in the Instagram that we can solve

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7 annoying problems in the Instagram that we can solve

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Over the years, Instagram has been gradually transformed from a platform to share photos in a complete social network.

With built-in instant messaging, dedicated video service and other features, Instagram now provides every social tool you might need.

However, Instagram is not an ideal social network because it fails to tackle some troublesome problems with consumers. Fortunately, however, users have developed surrounding methods.

Here are some troublesome Instagram questions and how to solve them, according to Use Make Of.

1. Add more links to your resume

Instagram has a strict anti-link policy. At this time, the only connection you can insert is the one that you can insert into your account. Lnk.Bio is an online solution that allows you to share more links with your followers.

Once you have set up your Lnk.Bio account, you can add as many links as possible and generate a generic URL for them. You can then insert this address into the Instagram and whenever someone clicks on it, it will be redirected to your list in Lnk.Bio.

2. Share other publications in your feed

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram still does not offer a sharing option. Fortunately, you can replicate the function with a third-party application. One such application is Repost for Instagram, which is also available for Android and iOS.

3. Take photos or videos from Instagram

To download Media from Instagram, you will need to rely on third parties. Although there are many options in app stores, a better alternative is the DownloadGram web application. With DownloadGram you can instantly download a photo or video from Instagram and IGTV. No ads and restrictions.

4. Breaking lines

One of Instagram’s most annoying problems is the fact that you can not insert line breaks. People often try to bypass this by inserting points and dashes to separate their views. But there is a better way to do it. The trick is to use the invisible empty symbol that was created to write the alphabet with the Braille alphabet.

Applications like Insta-Space allow you to easily use it in Instagram. Insta-space, in addition to mobile apps for Android and iOS, also has a web client.

5. Place it in Instagram from your computer

Instagram’s priority has always been mobile and there is still no function that can be set up on its website. You will find it difficult to find a way, even in the Windows application and in third-party services. How do I post in Instagram from my computer?

The answer lies in the progressive Instagram (PWA) web application, which is essentially a web-based send application.

But changing the size of the browser on your computer will not work here because Instagram requires explicit checks to make sure that you can not access them anywhere except the phone. However, there is a flawless solution.

Vivaldi has a great built-in tool that allows you to link mobile versions of websites in the sidebar. So, if you set Instagram as one of the panels, it will visualize PWA.

To configure, enter Vivaldi, click on the icon plus the left, and go to Instagram.com. You will now have an instant mobile interface and you can tap the icon in the middle of the bottom bar on the tab to upload content from your computer.

6. Data reduction and energy consumption

Like other Facebook apps, Instagram spends a lot of data. If you are not careful, you can easily expire from your monthly fees, even if you use nothing other than Instagram.

To deal with this problem, you can switch to Instagram Lite. Instagram Lite is available as a web application, but you can also install it from Android from the Play Store.

7. Direct messages on your computer

Although the messages have become a major aspect of Instagram, this functionality is not yet present in web applications or desktop clients. IG: dm is open source that fills this gap.

Additionally, IG: dm has several other features. You can see which bills you do not follow. IG: dm can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux.

7 annoying problems in the Instagram that we can solve

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