6 useful Google Chrome extensions that are worth the try

6 useful Google Chrome extensions that are worth the try

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Today’s most popular sites have changed over the years. The days passed when Amazon sold only books and Facebook was used only at several universities. Today, the sites on these sites are cumbersome and too difficult to use. But, thanks to the few tricks, we can enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable surfing.

From the use of sharing six Chrome extensions, which will enhance our browsing experience on some of the most popular web sites on the Internet, such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube.

1. Amazon Lite

This extension removes any unnecessary item on the Amazon page. This includes clearing endless lines of recommendations, ads, big banners for offers, and more. Amazon Lite offers a home page that has just a search bar at the top and a few links to quickly skip past orders, lists, items in your shopping cart, and more.

Also, when looking for a product, Amazon Lite offers you a clear page with all the important filters. There is also the option to switch to the original Amazon web site and enable or disable the extension of the request.

2. Social fixes for Facebook

If you are constantly on Facebook, we will appreciate this extension. It allows you to customize or remove almost any column or content on the web site, whether it’s talking about stories or a chat window.

Moreover, Social Fixer offers many options for filtering everything you do not like. You can do this either by creating triggers or by selecting an event from one of the predefined topics such as Pokemon Go. There is also a way to remove loved ones and comments.

3. Improve YouTube!

With this extension, you can improve YouTube to be really happy with the page. It offers the ability to customize every part of the site. You can even change the size of the player. YouTube enhancement unlocks a myriad of features that are not available in the standard service. This includes control of the playlist, hiding on moving images and much more. You can even return to previous YouTube projects and configure your own shortcuts.

4. Flash for Reddit

This extension refreshes the design of the site and facilitates eye sighting and more intuitive use. You can test a variety of different themes, sketches and choose the ones that best suit your desires. Like other extensions on the list, Shine for Reddit also has all the customization tools you need to hide certain tapes and items.

5. Fix Twitter

Recover Twitter is not as powerful as other applications in the list, but there is certainly something to offer. With this, you can restore several handy features that Twitter has canceled for some reason.

6. Improved Instagram distribution

The desktop version of Instagram works largely as a mobile website site. With this extension you will overcome this problem, but you also get other options like a dark theme, the ability to set the number of rows, columns and mode of photography. Additional video controls are also available.

6 useful Google Chrome extensions that are worth the try

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