6 useful applications during long flights

6 useful applications during long flights

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A long stay on board and at airports can “kill” the excitement of every trip. But, as it turns out, there are ways to make these situations a little enjoyable. With the right applications, you can use the time you spent out of date and with some luck, even turning it into a small holiday.

Here are the best rescue applications you need, according to Use Make Of.

1. Bounce (Android | iOS)

If you have enough time until your next flight, you can go out and get to know the city you are in. And thanks to the Bounce application, you can find out where you can temporarily leave your luggage in a safe place.

2. FLIO (Android | iOS)

If there is not much time until the next flight, try FLIO. This free application will give you a full map of the airport you are in. With his help, you will quickly find him and find your terminal or the best coffee, where you can sit for a short while.

3. BYHOURS (Android | iOS)

If you are looking for a place to stay for several hours but do not want to spend a lot of money in a hotel room all day, BYHOURS is the perfect application. With BYHOURS you can get room for 3, 6 or 12 hours.

BYHOURS teamed up with renowned chains, so you do not have to worry about the quality of service and rooms. Since these hotels are all over the world, you can use the application in a wide range of cities and countries. The prices vary depending on the hotel, but the apartment works with three, four and five stars.

4. Google Travel (Android | iOS)

The application has many tools that can be useful for quickly planning a short visit to the city you are in. For each destination, Google Travel has a section called Daily Lists. Here you can find directions that are ideal when you only have a few hours free.

5. AirHelp (Android | iOS)

Traveling cannot always be planned for the smallest detail. Emergency situations often occur – emergency flight situations, deviations and delays can cause chaos in your plans and future reservations. In these cases, you need AirHelp. From AirHelp you can find out about your rights as travelers and apply for claims.

AirHelp takes over your request and sends it to the airline itself and fights for your rights on your behalf. Once your application processes your data, you can find out if you qualify for compensation, and if so, how much your company owes you.

6. WiFi card (Android | iOS)

The application shows all free Wi-Fi access points. Additionally, the application hosts credentials for millions of networks protected by a password. There are also many other useful networking tools.

6 useful applications during long flights

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