6 Strong things in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic

6 Strong things in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic

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It’s no secret that one of the best smartphones this year is called the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. This flagship is one of the many and is currently one of the most sought after devices in Bulgaria.

However, there are consumers who have more serious quality criteria and want not only “much” but even more. For them, Samsung released a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic.

In this article Digitieal.bg will tell you what it is and will show you 6 cool things that make the S10 + ceramic unique. In the meantime, if you are not familiar with the South Korean technology giant’s flagship, you can watch our video review “Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus – Price, First Impressions and Reviews”.

Luxurious design

Overall, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is very handsome. It combines trimmed lines and smooth curves. The edges of the screen are oval, the metal base of the chassis is weak, and the cameras are mounted in the upper right corner of the screen.

As his name indicates, the coat of arms of Ceramics is no longer glass, but completely ceramic. The phone feels very comfortable in the hand, the surface is not scratched and is sometimes healthier than the glass or the Gorilla Glass weapon in the standard model.

Recently, CNET made a “test for drop” in which the two phones fell from the same height, and the back of the ceramics endured to the end of the test. Not accidentally, the ceramic layer is often used in expensive watches.


In addition to the almost standard Prism White and Prism Black, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + comes in several extravagant colors, including the names Prism Green, Prism Blue, Canary Yellow and Flamingo Pink.

By contrast, the ceramic luxury version of the flagship has two new variants of color – ceramic black and ceramic white, where the color is saturated, monolithic with very spectacular.

Power sharing with PowerShare

The fact that it has a ceramic back does not prevent the luxurious Galaxy S10 + from using its ShareShare power by sharing other devices with its energy. Galaxy Buds, Watch Active, or another smartphone whose battery is finished.

Huge memory

We always want our smartphone to have as much memory as possible. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic has a full 1TB available. With so much memory, it can comfortably accommodate over 500 Full HD movies, 250,000 songs or half a million high-resolution photos.

Hardly anyone can make so many shots, but if you happen to succeed and want more memory, Ceramic has a microSD slot, in which you can add a memory card with another 512GB.


Already a smartphone with 6GB of RAM can not impress anyone – all require a 8GB smartphone. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic gives us more – this smartphone has a total of 12GB of RAM.

As a result, even opening hundreds of browsers, apps and games in parallel, the phone will not start falling. And hardly anyone would say in the next few years, “Um … you only have 12GB of RAM,” so you do not have to change your smartphone soon.

Cameras with a total of 5 lenses

Just like the classic Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Ceramic, they can capture great quality from 12 + 12 + 16MPs. The phone has 3 cameras on the back and 2 fronts for the village. With the basics, you can record a panorama of 123 degrees, get closer to the optical and use artificial intelligence that constantly helps you.

The cameras have a dual aperture f / 1.5 – f / 2.4 which allows you to record enough in the absence of ambient lighting or too much. The cameras have optical stabilization and can record video quality of 4K.


The price is not among the most comfortable things in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + Ceramic and therefore we have not written the article “7 Strong Things …”. But, surely, there are people in you who will ask: “How much does it cost?” The answer is – just under 3200 BGN.

6 Strong things in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic

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