5G networks are going to Bulgaria in 2020

5G networks are going to Bulgaria in 2020

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A1 Austria has been granted license for 5G frequency, Bulgaria is expected to take action “We expect to launch 5G in Bulgaria in 2020,” said Todor Tashev, Senior Network and Service Manager at A1 Bulgaria. of the First 5G Network appears in Bulgaria the following year, telecommunications operator A1 announced.

Prerequisites for this are Bulgarian institutions to organize a frequency assignment. Today it has become clear that Telekom Austria A1 has been granted license to use frequencies for building a 5G network. The company gained between 100 and 140 MHz of the 3.5 GHz spectrum to 64.3 million euros.

The frequencies will be used to build a new 5G network company, A1 reported Bulgaria. A total of 39 blocks of 10 MHz in the band of 3.5 GHz are allocated at auction. The band’s licensing period runs from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2039.

Austria is one of the first countries in Europe that sold the frequency for the introduction of 5G. Last year in Bulgaria, A1 demonstrated 5G capabilities and modernized its network so it was ready for faster entry, reminded Telekom.

“We expect to launch 5G in Bulgaria in 2020, and we are ready to implement technology as soon as devices that support 5G and have the necessary frequencies appear,” said Todor Tashev, senior network and service manager at A1 Bulgaria, according to him. “5G will be a network of networks that will consolidate all existing standards and enable the development of mobility related to future technologies, digital medicine and intelligent factories.”

Tashev hopes that Bulgarian institutions will take the necessary steps to allocate frequencies and our country will be among the first to have a working 5G network in Europe.

At the end of last year, A1 Bulgaria has introduced 4.5G technology on its network that enables connection speeds of up to 30% (up to 150 Mbps) through so-called ” These network upgrades allow fast upgrade to 5G when there are conditions.

5G networks are going to Bulgaria in 2020

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