5 Practical Methods to drastically Improve your website Alexa ranking for Free

A lot of new bloggers keep asking questions everyday like “how to improve Alexa rank, how to increase Your website Alexa ranking , how to make Alexa ranking meet up with advertisers demands? but who will answer these questions if not for those who has practice and have learnt the true ways to improve Alexa ranking drastically with ease.

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how to increase Alexa rank

Chasing a lower Alexa rank could be very difficult especially for new bloggers who haven’t learnt what it takes to improve Alexa ranking for free.

Immediately after creating a new blog, you have the sole aim of improving your rank and there are so many questions that comes your mind regarding your taughts and questions about Alexa ranking.

In this article, am going to answer the questions that has been bordering your mind about increasing your website Alexa ranking

But before we proceed to learn the tips on how to improve Alexa rank let’s further to learn how Alexa rank works and the meaning of Alexa ranking.

What is Alexa Rank And how does Alexa rank works?

Alexa is a traffic stat company founded in 1996 while your Alexa rank is the estimate of how popular your site is in relationship to other websites on the internet.

Alexa website traffic stat company update their stats daily. And they collect their stats datas based on the activities generated from your blog/website.

Website Alexa Rank And SEO:

A lot of SEO experts suggests that when doing SEO work on your new blog/website ,you shouldn’t consider Alexa ranking, this is because after doing your SEO research and having built your blog to SEO standard and you find out that your Alexa ranking increased drastically it simply means you did a good job but if the opposite becomes the case then you might need more SEO review on your work.

Alexa ranking depends on your blogs traffic to out rank other blogs, and if you can do your SEO work properly it’s certain you will be getting more Audience from the search engine.

Apart from depending on Alexa rank to know about sites position and traffic stats, there are other ways through which you can also check domain authority and page ranks online.

But even with this Alexa still remain a very important tool”


Many advertisers who online who wish to pay for advertising on your blog will first of all check your Alexa ranking to determine ads Pricing.

If advertisers can not find your blog/website Alexa ranking enticing, they may end up paying less or going to advertise on other websites with better Alexa ranks on the net.

To get advertisers on your blog as a blogger, it’s important you boost,improve and increase your website Alexa ranking.

How to drastically increase Your Website Alexa ranking

Having gone through the above inscriptions , am sure you have understand better what it means by Alexa ranking,.

There is need to learn how to improve your website Alexa rank and this is what am going to show you in this article . so Read further the practical ways to drastically increase website Alexa rank without paying any ads fee.

  • Increase website Alexa rank: Installing the Alexa toolbar

    To install the Alexa toolbar on your blog Simply:

    • Click on http://www.alexa.com/toolbar using your favourite browser
    • Click on Install Alexa extension.
    • Its Install Alexa Toolbar extension
      in your Browser.

    After Installing the Alexa toolbar , Alexa will begin to count your own clicks on your blog and this will also increase your ranking.

  • Increase website Alexa rank:Installing the Alexa widget:

    Installing the Alexa tool bar is a practical way to improve your Alexa ranking but the problem is that not Every user that visit your blog has the widget installed on their blogs.

    Alexa only count those who has this widget installed on their blogs.

    You can add the widget to your blog to get your Alexa ranking increase and day after day especially when you target webmasters as your audience.

  • If you are using WordPress platform , you can simply make use of the Alexa widget plugin here to install Alexa widgets on your blog.
  • Increase website Alexa rank:Writing Unique and original articles

    Writing unique and original articles will help you built credibility among your readers, and you will also get more and more traffic from google search engine.

    the search engine love unique articles and if you can render it you will see a dramatic change in your organic traffic which will lead to increasing your Alexa ranking.

    If a copy and paste blog uses 1year to hit Alexa rank 1million a site that offer unique article will spend less than 5-6 months to hit 800k or less.

    This is the power of uniqueness

  • Increase website Alexa rank:By regular contents updates:

    No body loves a dead blog even you don’t like it. So also Alexa love blogs that are regularly updated.

    Frequently updating your blog will earn you more traffic and in turn increasing your Alexa ranking.

    If you have been writing 1-2 articles weekly try to improve and start publishing 2-4articles weekly and you will notice the drastic change in your Alexa ranking.

    Usually i don’t like updating frequently because of time factor but whenever i managed to squeeze out some time to update regularly i always get a positive result in my Alexa ranking.

  • Increase website Alexa rank:Sharing your articles on Social Medias:

    When we talk of getting website traffic the social media is a great tool that cannot be dropped out.

    Since we have learnt that traffic is one way to determine Alexa ranking then there is need to utilize the social media properly knowing that the social media is a good traffic channel.

    Learn to start sharing your newly published articles on Facebook ,Twitter and other social medias to increase your website traffic, authority and also improve your ranking .

    You can share your articles on your Facebook profile / pages and groups with enticing and sexy descriptions to get more hits on your links.

    Keep doing this repeatedly:

Is Alexa ranking still important in 2018

In 2016 and 2017 , bloggers were asking of Alexa was still an important tool and now again in 2018 i still receive same questions about the importants of Alexa ranking.

The truth of the matter is that ” as far as you want to get more advertisers to your blog and also keep your blog readers happy via your credibility rating then Alexa still remains a very important Traffic stat tool every blogger must consider working on.

Because Alexa still remains an important tool i urge you to follow the above steps and tips to increase your website Alexa ranking for free.

CONCLUSION: From all of the above listed methods and ways to increase your website Alexa ranking Installing the Alexa widget is been argued upon wither it still works as of 2018 or not. but i still recommend you put all to practice to see a drastic result on your blog Alexa ranking.

Remember ,that there are many other ways through which you can improve website Alexa ranking apart from all of the above lists .

Which other method do you explore in decreasing your Alexa rank? please do well to tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article because sharing is caring.

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