5 new Mozilla apps are worth a try

5 new Mozilla apps are worth a try

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Mozilla, the company that developed the famous Firefox browser, can offer you much more than surfing the web. Using it, we can explore its new tools that lie to advertisers over the Internet, deploying faster browsers, and even managing screenshots.

And of course, the company is still delivering periodic Firefox updates to make web browsing more enjoyable, faster and safer.

1. Follow This (Online)

Internet advertisers are constantly monitoring your move to show you targeted ads. TrackThis is a Mozilla initiative aimed at deceiving your followers and protecting your identity. TrackThis lets you choose from four profiles: Hypebeast, Rich Rich, Doomsday and Influencer.

Choose one that is different from who you really are. Once you make a decision, this page will open 100 different links that such a user will visit. In turn, followers who receive information about you end up creating the wrong profile.

Track This works not only in the Firefox browser, but in others, just make sure you are allowed to open popups.

2. Container for Facebook 2 (Firefox)

Facebook is known for numerous privacy violations and aggressive tracking of users’ activities while browsing the Internet. Last year, Mozilla countered this by launching an extension called Facebook Container. With the latest update, it has become even better.

The Facebook 2 Container ceases to follow your social network on websites that have a Like or Share button, which is the most common tactic used by Facebook. See you see a fence icon indicating that the extension protects your privacy.

It is important that Facebook Container 2 is worth installing, even if you are not a Facebook user. The social network is known to create “shadow profiles” for people who aren’t registered. Mozilla specifically notes that the new version of the add-on will make it difficult for Facebook to get data about such users and create profiles for them.

3. Screenshots (Android)

If you often take screenshots of your Android phone, you need this app. Mozilla’s ScreenshotGo is an application for organizing and managing all your screenshots, and can even search for text in them.

ScreenshotGo automatically recognizes every screenshot you make on your device and adds it to the appropriate folder – chat, shopping, finance and news. You can also create your own collections. But the coolest feature of the application is OCR or Optical Character Recognition. ScreenshotGo can read the text in your images.

4. Firefox Overview (Android)

Firefox Preview is a new experimental Mozilla browser based on Firefox that focuses on privacy and speed. The coolest feature is Collectibles. You can save a bunch of websites or websites as a collection, such as the pages you visit as part of your morning routine. One touch will open all the pages in this collection or you can run them individually.

Firefox previews also by default block online tracking ads, protecting your identity and privacy. Mozilla claims that this focus on privacy actually does the whole surfing.

5. Firefox Lite (Android)

The regular version of Firefox is full of features and takes up storage space, not to mention the CPU and battery resources. If you’re using an old or slow Android phone, consider switching to Firefox Lite. The app is a simple, lightweight version of Firefox that has the very best features and adds a few more.

Turbo mode blocks online tracking and loads web pages faster. If you’re on a slow connection or want to save data, you can block all pages from loading a single-tap image in the settings. If you would like to save a page for later reading while offline, you can take a full-page screenshot.

Firefox Lite has other great features such as Private / Incognito Browsing, Night Mode, Home Launcher, and News Feeds.

5 new Mozilla apps are worth a try

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