5 easy ways to share videos on YouTube

5 easy ways to share videos on YouTube

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YouTube does not need advertising. More than 1.9 billion people enjoy YouTube each month. But many people are wondering how YouTube videos can be shared. You can do this from your mobile phone or use Facebook, but there are users with specific wishes that these sharing methods do not offer.

There are several ways to share videos on YouTube, some of which are more effective than others. From Use, they offer five quick YouTube video sharing techniques that you can test with your friends.


This service is suitable if you want to focus your viewers on a particular video by eliminating all the distorting elements – comments, ads, suggestions, etc. You get the right choice to design the page where the video clip opens. The only thing missing before to Riv.yt is the dark mode or the dark subject.

YouTube Time

YouTube gives you an easy way to start a video from a specific location. Skip to the desired section and right-click on the video. Select “Copy URL to video at the current time” and share it. However, YouTube time can predict the start time in a second.

Put the URL, then enter the exact time in the minutes and seconds field. You can see the cropped video or generate a link to share it with another medium. You can also use this URL to embed your blog or forum. The video will jump to the section for which you have set it.


Websites like Instagram and Facebook have great demands on the videos you send to them. Kapwing is a great online tool where you just need to add the URL of the video and platform you want to optimize.

GIFit (Chrome)

Do you want to share parts of a video as a GIF file? GIFit is a convenient extension for Chrome, which helps you take part of the video on YouTube and share it as an animated GIF.


vdNote is one of the tools you need to have in your arsenal if you use YouTube for learning. With vdNote, you can enter comments that relate to a particular moment in the video you are watching. When you share videos, others can use these comments to understand the context. You can share video and similar notes via email or Twitter.

5 easy ways to share videos on YouTube

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