5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

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The diversity of apps in the Google Play Store continues to grow. Interesting offers do not go away, like AndroidPIT and this week has a selection of titles to try. Among them there are pleasant games and practical programs.

Ritual: Wizard Angel

Depends on the unusual atmosphere and the story. The player is a victim of a ritual and is an angel locked in a human body. He must be saved using his magical skills to fight his opponents by betting a lot of humor. The full game is paid and costs $ 5.99.

Photo Drive for Google Drive

Practical application for passengers who want to shoot. It creates a map and overlaps the exact location of each image made. So you can create a photocopy, just as you easily remember the exact places where you took pictures from every trip.

Angry birds explore

New game from the popular series that this time uses and added reality. The player can visit the hero’s virtual home. The game combines various mini-games in its own, and their successful performances provide virtual rewards. They unlock more options in the main game and become even more beautiful.

Bring it: organize Todo, Notes and Day Planner

Another application from a wide range of organizers. This application focuses on practicality and can be used quickly and easily. It uses the Eisenachour method and divides the quantum tasks according to their importance and importance.

The user can easily organize your day with a quick look at the application. The program itself is not yet complete and there may be errors.

LEGO City Researchers

LEGO builders can have fun not only in the real world. This game uses some of the popular LEGO collections in their virtual appearance to allow the player to visit the cosmos.

Combined with the virtual constructor, when a player enters the universe, he gets access to different types of NASA videos that show curious information.

5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

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