5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

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No matter how busy it is for a week, it always goes a long way to wait a few or something. One of the easiest and easiest ways to pack this time is to try out interesting mobile apps and games. AndroidPIT again has the right choice just for this purpose.


An attractive action game that is still developing, but it’s in the final right. The action is in space, as a protagonist is in a complicated situation – the whole crew is at once his enemy. The player must find a way to save by keeping the spacecraft. The game is a retro style, and it can be quite enchanting.

Photos of the map

An interesting application for photographers and travelers. Automatically synchronizes and overlaps the pictures taken on the phone on the map. In this way, you can get an accurate photo diary with all the images and the exact places from which they are made. The data is also synced with Google Photos.

Bedding creatures

Another program that ends, so there may be some mistakes in it. It has a simple purpose – to help the user relax and fall asleep. The application offers reassuring music by displaying a virtual pet. If you pay attention to this, they receive virtual prizes such as new sounds, animals, and more. There is also a music timer, so it does not happen continuously once the user sleeps.

Firefox Lockbox

Password Managers gain popularity, and Mozilla already has its own proposal. It is called Firefox Lockbox and can be used to store passwords from the browser. Passwords can be protected by code or fingerprint. The application does not allow you to take screenshots. It is free, allowing the user to store user names and passwords for the sites and copy them when needed.

Building simulator 3

Games that simulate various industrial activities are very popular. Construction simulator wants to take advantage of this by providing a story. It has been developed in Europe and involves the implementation of various engineering projects. To this end, the player must correctly adjust the available resources and choose the right machines. Unlike other applications above, this game is paid at $ 3.99.

5 apps for Android that’s good to try this week

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