5 Android apps to try this week

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5 Android apps to try this week

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The new week is in favor of introducing new Android apps and games. The traditional choice of AndroidPIT again offers us some games and practical applications for everyday life.

Topics for Instagram

This is the new Instagram service that complements the main application. Themes allow users to send messages, photos, videos and stories to their friends on Instagram. The idea is for users to quickly and easily share short statuses and content without everyone seeing it.

Mini army

An interesting game that allows the player to take control of a small army. He will fight against many opponents in order to gradually build the best possible army. There are different combat units and companies that change tactics. The game is free, but there are ads and supplies inside.

I want to start

This is an application especially for big running shoes fans. It’s still in beta, but it has an appealing idea – it lets the user see what different running shoes will look like when they’re worn.

This is made possible by the increased reality technology used by the application. Different models and colors can be practically tested, and of course the application will offer to buy them.


An interesting game that is aimed at puzzle-lovers. The player must help the main character to find magical flowers and save his house from the mysterious poison. The game has an interesting story and story, as well as quite attractive levels. They are 48 in total and require not only cleverness but also good memory.

BLob Live Wallpaper Free

This is a simple application that allows the user to decorate their phone with animated background. It is an animated background that can be created and customized by itself.

The app is specially designed for phones with OLED panels, making the most of their better colors and the fact that they save energy when using black. Black also plays a major role in the application proposals.

5 Android apps to try this week

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