4 useful things that we can not do with Google Photos

4 useful things that we can not do with Google Photos

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Google Photos is a great application for photo storage and organizing that offers many useful features. However, the application is not perfect.

There are some surprising shortcomings in it. AndroidAuthority shows who they are and why it’s strange that Google Photos can not do it.

We can not store more pictures in the phone’s memory

The Google Photos item is to store cloud photos. However, sometimes we want to download and store some photos in your phone’s memory. If it’s one, it’s very easy, but it does not have the function to download and store multiple photos at the same time.

There are two options as an alternative. The first is to go to Google Photos with a computer browser and download ZIP archive to the desired photos. The second is … to download the photos one by one from the mobile application …

We can not change the information in the photos

Google Photos rely on additional photo information such as EXIF ​​data, location, date, etc. For organizing photos in different categories.

However, the Google Photos mobile app does not allow this information to be edited. This can be done through a computer browser, but not through the application.

We can not remove a person from a shared photo album

There are various reasons why you do not want someone to watch the albums we shared with him anymore. Google Photos, however, does not allow this. When we share an album with someone, we are practically giving it a link to it, and that can not be changed.

There are two alternative options:

The first is to block the person concerned. However, this will limit access only under normal conditions. If a person enters incognito mode in Chrome, for example, he will again have access to the album.

The second is to stop sharing the album for everyone. No one will be able to access even the other people who had previously had the opportunity to see the photos.

The disadvantages of this option is that even after we re-share the album with these people, their shared photos will disappear, as well as any comments that have been added.

We can not see which photos are placed in original size and which are compressed

Google Photos provides free and unlimited space for uploading photos and videos, but under one condition – the materials are compressed and the size of the photos is reduced.

The app also allows you to save the original, but it will be published as a file placed on Google Drive and will affect the available free space on it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to check in Google Photos which images are of original quality and therefore take up a place on Google Drive.

If you choose the option to save Google Photos Recovery from the browser, then the system will automatically compress all the original files, but … they will not say what they are.

4 useful things that we can not do with Google Photos

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