4 useful applications for finding interesting and unique tourist spots

4 useful applications for finding interesting and unique tourist spots

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Everyone knows and talks about popular tourist destinations, but what if we want to find unique and unusual places to visit?

These Applications recommended by Use Make Of will help you find something different and fun.

1. Tryptide (online)

Tryptide is an alternative to Wikidion and Wikinews. The site is fully generated by users, which means that passengers and locals are adding information to the Tripitip. The difference from the Wiki website is that any location information is added as a post on the blog.

Visitors or locals can share their ideas about the city and attractions. This also gives you the opportunity to comment on this post and get tips, something that does not exist in Wikivoyage and Wikitravel.

2. The cultural journey (online, Android, iOS)

The cultural route is one of the best free online guides. The site covers most of the cities in the world, with a focus on helping tourists discover the history and culture of this place in unconventional ways. There are many articles and videos for each destination that can only be found here.

3. Where would I go? (online)

Where you are going, it creates a unique card for you, without requiring registration. For this purpose, you need to enter the necessary data – the starting point and the endpoint, the desired stops, the advantage of going for a short break, etc.

The result is a map with a unique URL that you can share with your friends. In turn, they can add places they find particularly interesting, and comment on why they recommend it.

4. FreeTour (online)

In most of the larger cities there are volunteers and guides who run free or cheap tours for certain parts of the city. It may be difficult to find them with Google and you need FreeTour.

The app lets you filter your activities by price, rating, languages, and categories. FreeTour has a great community, so you’ll find reviews and ratings for almost every destination and activity as possible there.

4 useful applications for finding interesting and unique tourist spots

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