4 useful alternatives to YouTube that are child-friendly

4 useful alternatives to YouTube that are child-friendly

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At one point after giving the child a smartphone or tablet, he will be on YouTube to watch your favorite videos. However, YouTube is not a safe place for children online.

So, if you have an annoying child who needs fun, check out the suggestions for using children’s child-friendly alternatives for children, which you can install on your Android or iOS device.

1. Jellies

Instead of allowing your children to spend time watching animations, you can encourage them to study with the Jellies application. Available for iOS, but you can find it on the Amazon App Store for Android devices. The team behind Jellies uses people moderators, not machines to guarantee to parents that their children will not receive inadequate material.

If you want to control yourself, you can create playlists yourself to limit what your child can see. Videos are grouped by age group or theme. The cost of the Jellies application is $ 5 per month, but a 30-day review is available.

2. Nick Jr.

The popular children’s entertainment channel, Nick Jr. has its own children’s application, which is completely free and available for iOS and Android devices. In addition to videos, here you will find games and music for children.

3. kiddZtube

kiddZtube is another application designed to provide younger children with safe video content. It is designed for younger children at pre-school age. The videos shown are selected by YouTube.

Behind the application are teachers who select videos, check and add additional content – questions, additional instructions or additional explanations. But videos are not just a coach, there are animations, music. The monthly subscription is $ 4, it has a 14-day trial period.

4. Kidoodle.TV

When you open the app, you can choose the age range for the videos you want your child to see from scratch to 12, or you can select “All ages” to see the full range. You do not need a profile, but registration gives you access to parental control.

You can freely use Kidoodle.TV, but you can disable your ads with a subscription of $ 5 a month or $ 50 a year. With a subscription, you get 100GB of video space, as well as access to some additional video clips.

4 useful alternatives to YouTube that are child-friendly

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