4 reasons for the weak battery of our smartphones

4 reasons for the weak battery of our smartphones

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Most people constantly use their smartphones throughout the day, which requires charging the battery for several hours. But, even more rarely to use your phone, its battery still cannot stand a single charge from morning to night.

The high-end phones are very expensive and most people think that manufacturers should do more to offer battery-powered devices that last at least one day at a single charge. But batteries seem to be the only thing that does not improve on our phones.

Therefore, your phone’s battery can not last all day, according to Use Make Of.

1. More power, higher power consumption

Our phones need more energy to fulfill our desires. More and more applications run in the background. While this means that our notifications are received on time and our photos are automatically synced with the cloud, it also means that our devices are constantly wasting energy.

Add this to all additional forms of connectivity that can be played over the phone anytime – 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, all the time consuming the battery life.

Vendors add energy-saving features to their phones. Some devices have adjustable screen resolutions that reduce the number of pixels displayed. However, there is no doubt that, the stronger the device, the more power it uses.

2. Thin and thinner phones

The phones are becoming thinner and thinner. The original iPhone, released in 2007, is a thick 0.46 inches. And Apple’s latest flagship, iPhone XS, is about 40% thinner, and has a thickness of 0.30 inches.

Though thinner phones look better and better fit into our pockets, they have less room for the inside of the phone. To compensate, manufacturers include smaller batteries. Most flags have a battery life of 2800mAh to 4000mAh. There are still phones with a battery life of over 5000mAh. However, they are thicker and larger.

3. External batteries and charging speed

Another reason why your phone has a short battery life is that smartphone makers have no incentive to increase it. Many manufacturers today advertise the charging speed and functionality of their wireless charging technology rather than the capacity of the batteries on their devices.

Phones are being loaded much faster now than before. In addition, wireless charging becomes faster and wider on the market. Therefore, instead of involving larger batteries, companies offer additional devices that improve charging.

4. The state of the battery deteriorates over time

If you own your smartphone for more than two years, you probably already know that the state of the lithium-ion batteries is getting worse. Although they are charging, they maintain their maximum capacity for a limited number of cycles. Batteries for smartphones are in good condition from 1 to 3 years depending on the use.

4 reasons for the weak battery of our smartphones

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