4 free ways to download video from the Internet

4 free ways to download video from the Internet

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Have you ever wanted to download a video from the Internet? If you see a video you like on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or any other leading video site, you may want to make a copy of it so you can watch it whenever you want.

Fortunately, downloading videos from the Internet is surprisingly easy, and “Use It” knows 16 free ways to do this.

1. Using application-specific tools

Let’s start with some web-specific applications. For example, if you want to download a YouTube video, check out SaveFrom and FastestTube. If you want to download video from Twitter then you need DownloadTwitterVideo. And with Instagram Downloader, you can download videos from Instagram. If your goal is a video you met on Facebook, head over to PB Down.

2. Through web applications

This way, you won’t have to download anything to your computer. Such services are KeepVid, VideoGrabby, YooDownload, ClipConverter and OnlineVideoConverter.

3. Through desktop application

Sometimes it is better to use a desktop application than a web application, as they often offer features that web applications cannot replicate. And here are the top desktop video downloading apps – VLC Media Player, Video Grabber and FLTVO.

4. Screen Capture application

These tools let you capture what’s happening on your computer screen, making them a good solution when the options are gone. Such applications are Open Source Software and CamStudio.

4 free ways to download video from the Internet

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