3D printing changes shoe production

3D printing changes shoe production

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BASF and Origin demonstrate a joint innovative development BASF’s Ultracur3D materials are at the center of innovative shoe development. BASF 3D Printing Solutions, an open three-dimensional printing platform, Origin and ECCO Group develop a new approach to footwear production.

In its ECDC Research and Development Center, ECCO uses BASF’s Origin and Ultracur3D platform. Initial results show remarkable precision in detail and mechanical strength thanks to the unique polymerization process (P3).

The purpose of Origin together with the manufacturers of materials such as BASF 3D Printing Solutions (BASF 3DPS) is to impose a three-dimensional print as a suitable mass solution. With the new technology, high print speed is achieved, and the surface reproduces even the finest texture and guarantees exceptional mechanical strength.

The Ultracur3D product line includes photopolymers that can be used in various printing processes, digital light processing, stereolithography and LCD equipment, and now with the P3 Origin process.

The range relies on strength and impact resistance, high elasticity and impressive long-lasting UV stability. It is suitable for producing prototypes as well as for mass production in almost all major industries.

3D printing changes shoe production

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