30% of new graduates do not work here

30% of new graduates do not work here

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About 30% of newly graduated Bulgarians have no job, according to a European survey by TheKnowledgeAcademy.com, which has expertise in training and further qualifications.

Eurostat’s research focuses on the employment rate of recent graduates of higher education in Europe in order to distinguish between the best countries by this indicator and countries where young people can rethink their lives.

The countries with the highest employment rates of recent graduates are Iceland (91.8%), Malta (90.4%), the Netherlands (89.2%), Norway (89.2%) and Germany (88.7). %), according to TheKnowledgeAcademy.com survey results.

In countries such as Romania, France, Bulgaria, Croatia and Spain, about 30% of recent graduates are unemployed. 20% of British interns cannot enter the job market after they graduate.

But in some European countries, recent graduates find it even harder to enter the job market. In Italy and Greece, approximately 50% of graduates do not find a job.

30% of new graduates do not work here

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