2018 Free traffic methods for website/blog Owners

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Getting free traffic has become very popular searched keywords on google search engine for both pro and new bloggers today. And since Most bloggers like me can’t afford premium or paid traffic, we do practice the best free traffic methods available on the Internet which am about to share with you Top 2018 free traffic methods,so you can use them to boost your website traffic for free without spending some bulks.

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Without doubt, there too many ways to drive and generate free traffic to your website/blogs here in Nigeria and abroad. but here, i will only teach some of the few ones i do practice on daily basis to get desirable traffic even without the help of Google search engine

Too many bloggers have quite blogging all in the name of not getting organic traffic and not having enough money to purchase Cheap website traffic but be glad you stumble on this page.

This Article is just a perfect guide which includes the most used traffic methods that are still working 2018,2019,2020 and beyond. so keep reading.

Best FREE traffic methods 2018 and Beyond

Below are some free traffic methods you can implement to get traffic to your blog without Google.

  • Blog Commenting:

    Do you think you are the only blogger on that niche? Common be wise, as there are many blogging niches similar to yours. You do offer the same contents form, AND you target the same visitors.

    You can use Blog Commenting in driving free targeted traffic to your blog via your competitors blogs. This strategy can be applied on entertainment, Food, Health , Football , News, Downloads, HOWtos or other niche blogs.

    Here is What i normally do whenever am ready to do or practice blog Commenting.

    TIPs: I first of all, have in mind the type of content i want to comment on e.g I want to comment on Any article related to getting AdSense approval.

    So, i write up my comment on my Notepad or text editor.

    free traffic methods 2018

    After composing my comment, i copy it to my clipboard, I will then go straight to google search and find related keywords like (How to get fast AdSense approval 2018-)

    From the Next page goes my search results, I will start from the websites on googles front page by selecting them one after the other and dropping my well composed Comment. In my comment link fields, i will use direct link to my post that talked about AdSense or AdSense category on my blog.

    I Keep doing it repeatedly on different blogs that talks about the same topic, till i feel tired or ready for some other activities.

    Remember : Doing Blog Commenting will not only earn you good amount of Free Blog traffic but Quality BackLinks as well.

  • Content/Article Aggregators:

    We have learnt that great articles will drive organic traffic to our website. And since then we have learnt to create articles that will drive visitors from google search engine.

    What if your Blog is totally new to the Internet?, Will you have to wait till your articles get properly crawled before getting traffic? hmmm am just too curious about getting traffic so i use some top Content aggregators to drive visitors to my website while i wait for organic traffic.

    Content Aggregators, Allows You to share your Own contents on other peoples website. where your Blog link will be displayed for your Readers to visit. You can check out few popular Content aggregators below (There are still many you can find Using google search).

    TOP Content aggregators

    • Alltop: According to them, they are just a great online Magazine.
    • BizSugar.com This is a small community for business owners and entrepreneurs.
    • Growth HackersThey share marketing Tips and Techniques for free.
    • Hacker News They are good social website for Programmers and entrepreneurs.
    • Inbound.org They discuss Content marketing tips and techniques. E.T.C

    Always obey their contents guidelines, and publish original and niche related articles. Those who have interest in your articles will surely find you, visiting your blog link.

  • What about Guest Blogging

    When it comes to getting free traffic, the guest posting is also among the best and practical methods.

    When you publish guest posts on other blogs, You will not only present your expertise in the subject but you will also get more customers via your post.

    Every website that accept guest post will always include your site link under your post. via this link, you just built a backlink and you are ready to keep driving repeated free targeted traffic.

    You can read my article here, about Top 10 Business Blogs that Accept Guest posts you can also use google to find other blogs related to your niche which accepts guest posts.

    Write your quality Guest posts and keep getting free traffic. Don’t forget we also accept guest posts on this Blog.

  • Question And Answer Websites

    This is another real free traffic methods you can use to get free visitors to your new blogs or website.

    Q&A websites like Quora and yahoo is a solution. If you can solve peoples problems via these websites , they might in turn become your loyal customers and returning visitors.

  • YouTube Is still Working:

    Indeed, YouTube is the next search engine after google.

    Billions of visitors make searches daily on YouTube to find their desires.

    YouTube also offers you a good position to implement your relevant keywords when uploading and publishing new videos.

    When you have YouTube videos, You will not only drive traffic from YouTube searches but google search as well since YouTube is been crawled by google regularly.

    You can start by creating a YouTube channel base on your blogging niche. Learn to create and upload your videos on YouTube, Learn to optimize your YouTube videos and let YouTube and Google search do the rest.

    I found this tactics online. When making research for this article: You can check out YouTube tactics to drive traffic to your Video Blog

  • Google+ Community:

    With google+ Effectively used, You can even get organic traffic to your new website for free.

    Google+ is a reputable and old community online. You can join various groups related to your niche. Share your ideas and post on your timeline.

    Articles you shared on Google+ will drive google plus visitors and organic traffic as well,since Google+ posts are crawled daily by google search.

  • Forum Posting And Commenting:

    Over the years i have been driving good amount of free traffic from google using forum Commenting and posting free traffic methods .

    My Most favourite Forum Nairaland.Com Have almost every post i publish here.

    After publishing here, i will then summarise my post and share on Nairaland which is a very active Nigeria forum both for bloggers and non bloggers.

    There are many other forums you can find online, Register and create a good profile with them with your BlogLink and All necessary info to drive traffic to your blog.

    Keep Commenting and sharing good posts, Sooner you will have great readers base which will in turn be converted to your website visitors.

    Only join Forums that are related to your blogging niche to get targeted traffic. Don’t behave too spammy, Learn to comport yourself and be one of the good forum members.

  • I Just Added The Social Media

    I guest you are expecting this to be at the top hmmm? i would have done that if this list is to be arranged in order of their importance. but unfortunately the list is picked at random yet i have find a good position for social media as one of the best ways to drive free targeted traffic.

    Optimize Your Facebook profile: by adding your website URL.

    Make the share button clearly available for your site readers to share your contents on social medias.

    Utilize the power of other social medias apart from Facebook and Twitter , knowing well that we have many social networks online today .

    They can be very advantageous in generating free website traffic.

    When posting on your social media timelines,Groups or pages , always use attractive text descriptions and eye catching images before embedding your Website post links.

  • Email Lists isn’t Neglected :

    Email List has always remains a great Free traffic methods available now and later if not forever

    Immediately after creating your blog, don’t wait to get more readers before embedding your email List Subscription form.

    Even if you don’t have money to purchase premium email list building packs , you can start building your lists immediately Using feedBurner Free email list Builder.

    Whenever You publish new articles, your subscribers get notified via email messages automatically. They loved your blog, that was why they subscribe initially so they will always click on your links when they see notifications from your Blog.

  • Giveaway Contests:

    Everybody loves awoof and free stuffs including me(Kennedy Prosper ) a big Freemium Fan.

    Setting up giveaway contests on your blog, will drive more visitors depending on how strategic you are.

    Share some free stuffs with your fans, setup contest to give out prizes.

    And you will notice some drastic change in your blog traffic.

You Just learnt Some Free Traffic Methods for 2018 and beyond

Now that you have learnt, Always remember to put to practice all that you learnt.

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  1. Ajibade said:

    Great post. Surprisingly I don’t do most of the things listed here except forum sharing.
    I guess we bloggers most of the time only spend time creating contents while neglecting the promotion aspect(me included).
    And that will only result to your blogpost going unread.
    I have learnt something today and I will start implementing it ASAP.
    Great post Mr kennedy

    August 4, 2018
    • Ajibade am glad you learnt a new thing and best of all you are already implementing the above strategies to drive free targeted traffic.

      just like you have mentioned: Most bloggers are just too tired to promote. but that’s not a good blogging practice as far as content marketing remains

      August 4, 2018
  2. SirPhren said:

    Thanks for these tips man. I practice some of these things you mentioned and I will try to practice all (especially Nairaland). Currently, I use the principle called 80/20 principle I wrote on my blog in promotion.

    August 4, 2018
    • Sirphren √Thankx for dropping a comment. Practicing Nairaland free traffic method is what i expected every blogger to practice especially to the Nigerian Bloggers.

      August 5, 2018

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