10 helpful tips for greater Internet security

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10 helpful tips for greater Internet security

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For many, the Internet is Google – information search, free email service, videos, navigation. Google is our primary choice for almost all of this. But Google uses all the data it collects from its services to post targeted ads and make a lot of money from personal data that many share with the company without thinking about it.

Do you think it’s time to stop this unlimited download of your data and restore your privacy? If so, the information from Tutanota will be useful. Below you will find a quick guide on how to use the Internet without sharing all your data with Google and Facebook by providing alternatives.

1. Switch from Gmail to Tutanota

All Tutanota emails are encrypted end-to-end, so they are fully secured, even service developers can’t read your email. Because of encryption, Tutanota is unable to collect your ad data, in fact Tutanota has no ads at all.

Here are the other benefits of Tutane:

– allows you to register anonymous email without asking for a phone number.
– uses the most advanced SSL security to support DNSSEC, DANE, DMARC, DKIM, PFS & STARTTLS.
– has a rating of Securityheaders.io.

Tutanota is open source, and Android app is released on F-Droid.

– lets you use 2FA with U2F and TOTP. We recommend that you use a hardware-labeled U2F or TOTP with a two-factor F-Droid open source authentication application.

2. Replace the Google Calendar with the Tutorial Calendar

The Tutanota email client also has an encrypted calendar – available on the Internet, both Android and iOS applications and in beta for desktop.

3. Instead of Google Search, try Searx.me and Ecosia

In the past, the Google search engine was the only one to produce fast reliable results. But that has changed. Over the last few years, privacy-focused search engines have evolved substantially and there is no need to ignore them.

You may want to try the open source alternative Searx.me or Ecosia, a browser that has become known for planting trees. Another search engine that has a “strict privacy policy” is Moyek.

4. Replace Chrome with Brave, Firefox or Tor Browser

There are several browsers that give you much more privacy protection than Google Chrome. Brave is an open source browser that automatically blocks ads and trackers. Firefox is a well-established browser known for respecting users’ privacy. If you need more anonymity when browsing, contact your Tor browser.

For Android, other open source alternatives are Privacy Browser and Fennec.

5. Instead of Google Drive, try Tresorit

When using Google Drive, you need to be aware that all files are stored unencrypted on Google servers. Anyone who has access to these servers can easily copy and read these files. The encrypted alternative is Tresorit. Paid services offer end-to-end sharing and encrypted file synchronization.

6. Watch a video on Vimeo, not YouTube

A great alternative to YouTube is Vimeo. If the video you requested is not on Vimeo, you can search and watch YouTube videos on DuckDuckGo through the YouTube domain nocookie YouTube. Although you do not leave Google entirely, it gives you more privacy.

If you insist on watching YouTube video, we recommend watching it via Invidio or NewPipe, great Android apps available on F-Droid.

7. Use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps

OpenStreetMap is a great alternative to Google Maps when browsing places online. This is an open source project that aims to create a world map for free. You can also try the OsmAnd app, which you can find on F-Droid.

8. Download F-Droid apps instead of Google Play

If you use an Android phone, it will be difficult to get rid of Google completely. But you can start downloading your F-Droid apps instead of Google Play. The F-Droid is a great alternative.

9. Switch from Android to LineageOS

If you use an Android phone and want to completely get rid of any Google connections, you can install LineageOS as your phone’s operating system. LineageOS is an Android version that you can use without a Google Account.

10. Forget about Facebook, use Mastodon

The business model of most social media sites is like Google, based on tracking and posting targeted ads. Therefore, it is wise to opt-out of Facebook and not share your personal information there with your friends. A great alternative is Mastodon. You can use the Tusky app from F-Droid or Fedilab to access Mastodon on Android.

10 helpful tips for greater Internet security

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